Forma presents

Miners’ Hymns

a Film by bill morrison with music by Jóhann Jóhannsson


news 30.08.2014

RT @JohannJohannss: Jóhann's score for Theory of Everything is featured in http://t.co/hKsaHqpIUI http://t.co/8aWidLo4f8
Bill Morrisson’s new work with @kronosquartet commemorating WW1, Beyond Zero, was very well received at #EdintFest http://t.co/4ngEeXF705
RT @FormaArtsMedia: If we show you our #ArtBookShelfie, will you show us yours? http://t.co/5m8whV3Enl
RT @droueche58: Johann Johannsson's "The Miners' Hymns" is some gloriously dark neo-classical tunes. Man knows how to use brass.
The @FormaArtsMedia UK tour of #TheMinersHymns given special mention in @ACE_National's most recent case study: http://t.co/JmzC4vBT2w
RT @chyonjyoringe: Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Miners' Hymns - The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World https://t.co/pDmPvDZmba
Today, 30yrs to the day since the #BattleofOrgreave, a screening of #TheMinersHymns at @Omnibus_Clapham http://t.co/idN6XZ3dru
Dig Deeper in to #TheMinersHymns with the new educational resource made by @BeamishLearning http://t.co/wcairU9roO
RT @Beamish_Museum: We’re very pleased to announce a new @theminershymns education resource: http://t.co/cpGCIXabuw @FormaArtsMedia http://…
Dig deeper in to #TheMinersHymns with the new education resource http://t.co/wcairU9roO