Forma presents

Miners’ Hymns

a Film by bill morrison with music by Jóhann Jóhannsson


news 29.03.2015

RT @mechanicsathome: Our screening of The Miners Hymns at St Marks church on Wednesday. A really special night @cinemaforall http://t.co/Yv…
Tickets avail for @decasia’s The Great Flood, music composed and performed by Bill Frisell at @Belcourt Mar 30 8PM http://t.co/Xelq1gIPfo
RT @mechanicsathome: #TheMinersHymns about to start at St Marks Church @mechanicsathome http://t.co/i5t5SWDRuA
#TheMinersHymns will be screened tonight at St Marks Church, Burnley by @mechanicsathome. Tickets, £2: 01282664400 http://t.co/wahTkxBpB1
RT @mechanicsathome: The Miners' Hymns tonight at St Marks Church. You can get tickets on the door, opens at 7pm. Support local film... htt…
A #GoodRead from @Art21… The Ghosts Unearthed in the Films of Bill Morrison http://t.co/Jxr8KnCOGT http://t.co/uQ3qX8ear5
This week at @BigEarsFestival, @decasia screens Spark of Being, #TheMinersHymns and Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 http://t.co/aXp8b9g1t5
.@OpenSchoolEast presents The Big Melt, a hymn to Britain’s industrial past... http://t.co/8HkSuzTd7Q Weds 25 March http://t.co/k9rjTwJvAM
RT @FormaArtsMedia: Look behind the scenes at early stages of #MarkBoulos Echo at @Inition. @ICIABath opens 23.04 http://t.co/bnARqaf5kX ht…
RT @mechanicsathome: Tickets now available for The Miners Hymns community cinema screening at St Marks Church.... http://t.co/UWpv33cSTS